#Outlander Appeal

My plans for ‘Tartan: True or False’ have been waylaid, this time by life, the universe, and everything… Let’s just say that planning a proper post in the midst of beginning-of-term chaos with two looming article deadlines (one of which requires a close re-read of Sir Walter Scott) was not my wisest move.

I will definitely get the post written over the long weekend. But it will probably be my only post next week.

For now I’m posting an appeal. One of my articles is for an academic journal edition specifically looking at dress and identity. The appeal is very fandom friendly, and as a result, I’m seeking #Outlander fans who either do cosplay or wear Scottish dress, Scottish-inspired clothes, or even wearers of official Outlander merchandise to interview. I genuinely want to talk to people whose love of Outlander has influenced what they wear, and/or inspired them to do cosplay.

I want to hear your story.

If you know anyone who fits this description – or if you are Scottish, of Scottish descent, or are an historical re-enactor and would be willing to be interviewed – please contact me either through the contact page or by email (tartantinted (at) gmail (dot) com)! I would love to hear from you.

Sharing is caring! So please spread the word. 


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  1. I’m afraid I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, so I’m no help. I do love those tartans/checks the characters are wearing above, though. Do you know anything about them?

    1. brenna says:

      No worries! If you know anyone, please pass it on.

      I know some about those patterns – one is the sett adapted from the Fraser tartan and designed for the television show, the other I suspect is a ready made fabric they found that fit the aesthetic. I’ll be sure to include more either in the True or False post next week or another one later on!

      1. Ooh, wonderfully interesting! I am swooning over the fabric of her skirt, for sure.

      2. brenna says:

        It is gorgeous! I want a dress or coat out of it for myself.

  2. you should try searching out various Renn Faire groups, or the Scottish Rite Masons perhaps?

    1. brenna says:

      Historical re-enactors and costumers I’ve got. Meeting local Scottish society folk at their Burns dinner in a week or so.

      Not sure Masons would help since I believe they have specific garments unconnected to traditional Scottish wear??? Unless you know some I could connect with.

      Thanks, though!

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