#Outlander Appeal

My plans for ‘Tartan: True or False’ have been waylaid, this time by life, the universe, and everything… Let’s just say that planning a proper post in the midst of beginning-of-term chaos with two looming article deadlines (one of which requires a close re-read of Sir Walter Scott) was not my wisest move. I will … More #Outlander Appeal

Off Sick…

I had very much intended to have a ‘Tartan True or False’ post up today, but I spent yesterday trying to bolster my immune system since my brother (and flatmate) and the rest of my family (whom I saw during the holidays) have PLAGUE and have been trying to infect me. So, we’ll do something … More Off Sick…

The #OutlanderEffect

I first began noticing the influence of Scottish dress and textiles in mainstream fashion/clothing back in 2012 when I wrote my “Scottish for Christmas” post at Worn Through. Karl Lagerfeld had just released the Edimbourg Pre-Fall 2013 collection for Chanel, which clearly harkened back to Scotland during the era of Mary Queen of Scots, and … More The #OutlanderEffect

The Tartan Detective?

When I promised a post about my reading on Tuesday, I had originally been thinking of a generic book review post. The books in question were Susannah Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and The Dress Detective by Ingrid Mida and Alexandra Kim. The former is an alternative history of the Napoleonic wars with magicians … More The Tartan Detective?

A Kilted Colloquy

Not to cater to stereotypes, but the image above was one of the very first I took after arriving in Edinburgh. I hadn’t really slept the night before my 12-hour flight to a country I’d never before set foot in, but was intending to live in for a year. And I can’t really sleep on … More A Kilted Colloquy