I am an experienced art and dress historian, material culturist, instructor, and published author with experience in both public and private collections all over the world. My personal research foci are material culture, the eighteenth through mid-nineteenth centuries, the history of Scotland and Scottish dress and textiles, Regency and Romantic-era dress, and the British Empire. However, I am passionately curious and have dedicated experience researching, writing about, and working with a vast variety of art including American twentieth-century fashion and history, contemporary art, East Asian art, as well as social, political, and cultural history. I am available for consultation, lectures and teaching work, research, writing, and museum work. Please see my contact page to reach me.

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2010, with an MSc in History, Theory and Display from the History of Art department. As the only material culturist in my year, especially the only one focusing on dress and textile history, I wrote a lot about tartan and Scottish dress and cultural history. I even created a truly horrible “virtual” exhibition on tartan, which should never again be seen by man or beast, as part of an assignment (my curation and museum work has vastly improved since!).

Wanting to do something not-tartan for my dissertation research, I looked at colonialism, imperialism, prejudice and bias, and the influence of the colonized on their colonizers through dress and textiles: specifically India’s influence on British dress and society from 1765 until 1825. This research very definitely influences my current focus on Scottish dress as the Romantic/Exotic “other” both historically and on modern runways.

My obsession with tartan and all things involving Scottish dress, textiles, material culture, and history was a private indulgence for years — as I thought no one but me would ever be interested. The popularity of my “Scottish for Christmas” post at Worn Through, Outlander in general, and Frock Flicks proved me well and truly wrong.

Tartan Tinted Ramblings is my personal site, containing past blog posts, but mostly set up as a contact site as, after seven years at Worn Through,  I have chosen to focus on my research, writing, curation, and writing work rather than blogging. I work in academia, was previously the managing editor at Worn Through, have worked for museums such as the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles, have presented at national and international conferences, and am a published writer.